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Remove usage of `display: -moz-groupbox` and `-moz-appearance: groupbox`


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Only one usage in mozilla-central:

Probably not worth keeping the whole nsGroupBoxFrame implementation around just for it.

What does this layout do? Wondering if it could be replaced with a box with some styling or if there's something more involved.

It appears to be some kind of fieldset-like layout for XUL:
Maybe the markup can use HTML <fieldset>/<legend> instead? (assuming it's a design we want to keep)

Looking at the source, I don't see anything special other than the painting of the border:
It would be great if we could get rid of this code.

(In reply to Mats Palmgren (:mats) from comment #3)

Looking at the source, I don't see anything special other than the painting of the border:
It would be great if we could get rid of this code.

It seems pretty doable to update the windows printPageSetup page to not use it. What do you think we should do with the tests at

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The crashtests might have some value beyond -moz-groupbox, so replacing -moz-groupbox with -moz-box in those seems reasonable. The -moz-groupbox part of the mochitest should be removed.

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Note that there's also a StyleAppearance::Groupbox (-moz-appearance:groupbox) and some a11y stuff related to this display value:
I'm guessing those can be removed too.

It appears there are some <groupbox> elements in Preferences etc though, which I assume creates a XULGroupboxAccessible, so let's keep the a11y stuff as is for now. (we can address that after it's been replaced with proper HTML some time in the future)

The -moz-appearance value should be possible to remove now though as printPageSetup.css appears to be the only user:
(this might be better to do as a separate bug though, in the interest of keeping the patch size smaller and more targeted)

Assignee: nobody → dtownsend

The display property appears to do nothing here and the appearance closely
matches that of a fieldset so switching to that seems to work fine.

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This is what it looks like with the change.

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Remove use of `display: -moz-groupbox` and `-moz-appearance: groupbox` from the page setup dialog. r=dao
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Splitting the platform removal off to a new bug, because different patches in different releases on the same bug can get confusing.

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Summary: Remove nsGroupBoxFrame (display: -moz-groupbox) → Remove usage of `display: -moz-groupbox` and `-moz-appearance: groupbox`
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