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Some addressbooks not available on first startup


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Thunderbird 72.0
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thunderbird72 --- fixed


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On my first use of 71.0b1, only my first and last addressbooks (alphabetically, of ~12) had contacts listed. All the mork ABs were .bak files, and sqlite files of those addressbooks showed as 32k IIRC. I didn't see population of ABs improve during the 10-15 minutes I had the instance running.

On second startup all addressbooks were populated.

Keywords: regression
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I didn't say it earlier - we clearly cannot ship this in beta. I haven't tested update more than once and I didn't keep error console, so ATM sorry I don't have more details.

only my first and last addressbooks

might have been the second last (it was late)

Anyone tested after migration with an ldap book configured? (mine isn't working and I think it should be - but perhaps it was previously broken)

OK, Wayne convinced me to migrate my production profile with 25 ABs, 4 of which LDAP. Those LDAP ones are just 0 byte MAB files which don't seem to get migrated.

The other 21 ABs were migrated, I have 21 BAKs, but only 19 SQLite files, history.mab.bak has no equivalent, neither does listexpansion.mab.bak.

So it's all semi good, however, I also got this error. So something was still locked from the conversion.

I've just seen that message for the first time too. That's not good.

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I guess I saw it before, see bug 1581765 comment #7. But back then I didn't take a screenshot and I couldn't remember whether the message was for a MAB or SQLite file :-(

Was abook-13 an empty address book?

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Scratch that, what I thought I'd figured out doesn't make sense.

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Almost empty, I made it for a test, I'll send it to you.

I repeated the test, number 13 was locked again. I'll send you the entire profile.

Try as I might to avoid waking up the beast address book manager, but something unknown is still causing it to stir.

"Never mind," I say, "I'll just reload it and everything will be fine."

Yeah, right. Nothing is that easy. Somebody previous traveller in these parts used do_GetService where they should've used do_CreateInstance and reloading the address book just brings back the previous state.

I need a holiday.

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Yes, that works better with my zoo of address books. Test passes, too :-)
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LGTM, r=mkmelin
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Reload address book after migration. r=mkmelin

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