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When setting "Always use private browsing mode", "about:protections" shows "0 trackers blocked".


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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Clear browsing history and cache.
  2. Set "Always use private browsing mode" in "Privacy & Security" preferences.
  3. See several sites.
  4. Open "about:protections"

Actual results:

"about:protections" shows "0 trackers blocked".

Expected results:

"about:protections" show "xxxx trackers blocked".

Component: Untriaged → Protections UI

We've made the decision not to store a record of trackers when the user is in private browsing mode. Perhaps we should make that known to the user, show something different if the user visits the page while in private browsing mode.
Thoughts Eric?

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Added a section to the spec (to the far right).

When a user is in Private Browsing Mode the message "Firefox continues to block trackers in Private Windows, but does not keep a record of what was blocked." and all trackers are shown at 0.

This should be seen anytime the user is in private browsing mode not just when "Always use private browsing mode" is checked.

Cindy, flagging you on this so you are aware of the update and have no issues with it from a product perspective.

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Priority: P3 → P2
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About Protection explains why there is no info in private browsing mode. r=fluent-reviewers,nhnt11,flod
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QA Contact: ciprian.georgiu

I've verified that the section is correctly displayed in PBM, as per specs provided in comment 2. Also, I've checked that the trackers are not counted in about:protections. Tested on Windows 10 x64, OS X 10.11 and Ubuntu 18.0 x64 with Beta 74.0b6.

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