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High idle CPU use on Linux (Solus) after latest (70.0) update


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Steps to reproduce:

Just open Firefox with some tabs open (old session) after a reboot.

Actual results:

CPU loads are at about a constant 15% while idle.

Expected results:

a browser shouldn't utilize that much CPU while idle? This did not happen before 70.0.

We are unable to see any significant CPU usage. We do see that there appears to be a large number of mouse input events and that might be related to one of the sites that you have loaded in a tab. Are you willing to let us know the tabs that you have open?

Also, would you be willing to let us know if you can see this behavior with a fresh profile with the same open tabs?

One final bit of information that would help: Another profile with the "Add custom threads by name" field (from the profiler UI) set to a single comma?

That information would really help! Thank you for taking the time to report these issues -- I hope that we can get to the bottom of it!


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