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Update from Wix 3.11 to Wix 3.14.0 (dev build)


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There is a non-gecko Mozilla user of wix that wants this updated (to use our local cache) but there is nothing concerning for Firefox in updating this.

Mhowell was happy over Slack conversation

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Bump Wix toolchain. r=mhowell  a=me for CLOSED TREE

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Port bug 1593093 - Bump Wix toolchain to 3.14.0. rs=bustage-fix r=jorgk DONTBUILD

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For posterity can you please share some more details about the requestor and what they need this for? I'm confident that everything here is above board, but the vagueness of this bug and commit could raise some red flags.

+ # This is a dev version of the toolset, upstream will purge over time...

Who's got the action item to move off of this dev version when possible?

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This was in service of the Firefox Private Network Whole-Device VPN. (repo to live at )

The way I structured the taskgraph, this project was pulling the WIX binaries from mozilla-central, and the developers on the project had updated to the dev version of WIX mentioned here (in their circle-ci based infra) because of a wix-related crash they were seeing in the installer.

So I upgraded m-c to match, since I was lacking support for doing that sort of cached-fetching on this github project. I discussed with the build team and our installer team before this landed.

Thank you for flagging me on this.

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