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Forward- and Back-button no more work in Add-ons Manager


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Thunderbird 72.0


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Very likely because of bug 1525175 the forward and back buttons are no more active when when changing the categories in Add-ons manager.

Also the search field shows "Search" instead of "Search".

In the console I see:
ReferenceError: reference to undefined property "null" aboutaddons.js:348:3
TypeError: textbox is null aboutAddonsExtra.js:63:23

Geoff, is this something you can fix?

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Do we still need those buttons, given the "back to add-ons" link on each page?

I don't see the bug with the search field although I can imagine why others might.

The search field was fixed by bug 1593546.

Do we still need those buttons, given the "back to add-ons" link on each page?

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Haven't noticed this link. Maybe it should be made more prominent.

Yes it seems to me the navigation buttons are no more needed. But we need to look into adding some navigation help in the opened tabs after a extension search or from the "More ways to customize" block.

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This removes the buttons from Add-ons manager. I hope I've got all correlated JS code.

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This patch tries to add the navigation buttons to the content tab toolbar to navigate on ATN.

I tried to copy what was done in the Add-ons manager but this doesn't work. The buttons are always disabled. Also maybe the commands don't fit here.

Geoff, please can you help me make this work? As you know I'm not very experienced in such things.

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Let's do this in a bug of its own. I think there's a lot more needed to make it work properly.
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Remove the non-functional navigation buttons in the add-ons manager. r=darktrojan DONTBUILD

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