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Enable PHC on early beta 72 builds


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We want to enable PHC on early beta builds in 72, in early December.

Some edited comments from Slack:

  • we need to figure out how to propagate EARLY_BETA_OR_EARLIER to the build script
  • it's an AC_SUBST, it's available in Not in configure, though, because it's all in autoconf
  • we can "parse" the file in python configure, and make it available in build/moz.configure/memory.configure.

glandium: Any suggestions on breaking this down further, and who should do it?

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No longer depends on: 1285401

Nick, it looks like we're at the point where we should just unconditionally enable and let it ride the train. 2 weeks into the beta we can uplift a backout.

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Flags: needinfo?(n.nethercote)
Summary: Enable PHC on early beta builds → Enable PHC on early beta 72 builds
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Enable PHC on early beta 72 builds. r=erahm
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I just discovered that this commit doesn't work. The not default_replace_malloc condition here succeeds, which disables PHC. So PHC hasn't been enabled on Beta 72, which explains why no new PHC crashes have come in.

Mike, what would be the right way to enable this on Beta? Remove the not default_replace_malloc condition? Something else?

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I guess you can remove/comment the entire condition. Another solution would be to restore the original code and put an explicit --enable-phc in the relevant mozconfigs.

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