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The new fission-compatible highlighter in the OBT is hidden when there are multiple tabs involved


(DevTools :: Inspector, defect, P3)



(Fission Milestone:Future)

Fission Milestone Future


(Reporter: pbro, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


(Whiteboard: dt-fission-future)


  • Have the OBT and fission-compatible highlighter prefs ON.
  • Open Firefox with 2 tabs on 2 different websites.
  • Open the OBT and start the picker.
  • Focus the browser window and pick a node from the first tab's website.
  • Switch to the second tab.
  • In the OBT, start the picker again.
  • Focus the browser window and try to pick an element from the second tab's website.


The highlighter isn't visible anymore as you hover over elements in the second tab.

Tentatively moving all bugs whose summaries mention "Fission" (or other Fission-related keywords) but are not assigned to a Fission Milestone to the "?" triage milestone.

This will generate a lot of bugmail, so you can filter your bugmail for the following UUID and delete them en masse:


Fission Milestone: --- → ?

Tracking for enabling Fission in Nightly (M6)

Fission Milestone: ? → M6

dt-fission-reserve bugs do not need to block Fission Nightly (M6), but these bugs' summaries mention the word "Fission", so let's track them for Fission riding the trains to Beta (M7). We'll revisit these bugs before we ship Fission.

Fission Milestone: M6 → M7

Tracking dt-fission-reserve bugs for Fission MVP until we know whether they really need to block Fission or not.

Fission Milestone: M7 → MVP

Moving old "dt-fission-reserve" bugs to "dt-fission-future" because they don't block Fission MVP.

Fission Milestone: MVP → Future
Whiteboard: dt-fission-reserve → dt-fission-future
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