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How should we surface measurement units in Graphs view?


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Bug 1584947 will surface for the 1st time the measurement units for perf data (when they're provided).
It'll mostly do its job, but we need to decide if we could improve it, once it lands.

Priority: -- → P2

There are some questions which require our decision.

What should Perfherder do when the user wants to add 2 perf series with different measurement units, via Add test data button?

  • should it open separate graphs in same Graphs view?
  • provide some form of legend, that maps series' colors to the respective measurement unit
  • allow but give a warning
  • disalow that
  • employ a 2nd Y axis on the right side, when possible?
  • etc (other suggestions are welcomed)

I think we should allow, but warn that the selected series have mismatching units. Then the y-axis should omit the metric, but we can display it in the popup when hovering over the datapoints. When the series all share the same metric, then we should display this on the y-axis.

This bug has long been concluded, by comment 2.

Closed: 7 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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