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One window stuck in macos dark mode when system automatically switched to non-dark mode


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Steps to reproduce:

On macos Catalina, I have my System Preferences set to automatically switch to/from dark mode depending on the time of day.

I used my computer in the evening in dark mode, and put my computer to sleep (closed laptop lid). I woke my computer in the morning when the system was in non-Dark mode.

Actual results:

When I woke my computer in the morning, the system and foreground firefox window were in non-Dark Mode/appearance, but the firefox window in the background is stuck in Dark mode appearance. (even if it is selected later and put in the foreground). The Dark appearance of the stuck Firefox window persists until it is closed.

Expected results:

All firefox windows should have the same non-Dark appearance.

I am able to close the window and use History->Recently Closed Windows to reopen the window and it will have the correct appearance.

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Having similar issue when I switch between light and dark mode manually

If I can add my experience – I have three windows open most of the time, and when switching from dark back to light mode it's only one window that remains stuck in dark mode. So it might be a one-off error somewhere...

Maybe a dupe of bug 1558086 but maybe slightly different since it's not all windows

See Also: → 1558086
Severity: normal → S3

I have not seen this.

Does this still reproduce for you when using a current version?

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No, this is a very old bug and it was fixed at some point long ago. Thanks for checking.

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Closed: 2 years ago
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