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[Linux] Inconsistent light theme in dark OS mode


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Steps to reproduce:

Set the OS color theme to dark (Ubuntu Mono Dark) and Thunderbird to light theme.

This only happened after I upgraded to Ubuntu 19.10 (and presumably Thunderbird 68.1.2 at the same time).

Actual results:

Parts of the UI are dark (e.g. the message thread overview, scroll bars, the selected day in the calendar sidebar list) or inconsistent (highlighting is sometimes orange and sometimes blue). I can't even see the cursor in the main scrollbar.

In Thunderbird's dark mode on the other hand the text colors are not suitable. Text is unpleasantly light and the tag colors don't go well with a black background.

Expected results:

Everything should consistently match the chosen theme and colors should go together well, independent of the OS theme.

Confirmed bug:
Reporter is using Linux OS.

I'm reporting that this problem is also observed in Windows OS.
Windows 10 64bit
Default Dark mode

Thunderbird 68.3.1 and 68.4.1 windows32bit version
Default Light Mode

As per previous comment.
Select several messages in Thread Pane.
Results in Message Pane show header ' X Conversations' in Dark Blue with white text on Black background. Which is what you see if you select Thunderbird default Dark theme. It looks very odd in a Light theme.

Just to clarify my earlier comment.
In Windows 10
It is the default 'app' mode that when selected in interfering.

Is there something we need to fix?

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It's the same as we have bugs the other way (Dark TB theme, light system theme) that we need to set ui.systemUsesDarkTheme depending of the active theme (bug 1592210).

And the theme can only style the UI. It has no access to the content (the message, bug 1602144 and bug 1602148).

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