aqua vertical scrollbar-emulation seems to have a trivial visual bug at the bottom



Camino Graveyard
16 years ago
16 years ago


(Reporter: Philip Timmermann, Assigned: saari (gone))




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16 years ago
as you probably know aqua scrollbars have this pattern which keeps position when you 
drag it up and down. what this means for the round edges of the bar is, that they keep 
changing its image while you drag, in order to respect the pattern (there are actually lots 
of little round-edge images in some system-resource to make this work).

as far as I understand, chimera doesn't really implement the scollbars natively, but 
emulates their look with some aqua-emulation (which will probably need an update 
anyway once Jaguar is released -- 24. August --, as Apple changed the visual 
appearance of many GUI-elements... if chimera takes the images for the aqua-emu from 
the system-resources this may not need to be updated).

I recognized one day, that the bottom round-edge of the vertical scrollbar doesn't always 
respect the pattern correctly, which leads to a visual artifact where you actually are able 
to see where the bottom round-edge image is seperated from the bar.

Sometimes this isn't visible as this seems to depend on how large the bar actually is, but 
if you resize a page vertically and drag the vertical scrollbar around a little, you'll quickly 
find a situation where the pattern isn't respected correctly and you see a visual artifact 
while dragging.

This artifact never appears on real native aqua-scrollbars. It looks like the bottom end of 
the main-bar area and the beginning of the bottom round-edge area don't fit together in 
terms of the pattern and so a "too bright" line gets visible which visually seperates the 
bottom round-edge area from the rest of the bar.

This is probably too trivial to mention and ppl will wonder why someone takes the time to 
write this into a bug-report, but it is a bug in the aqua-emu nonetheless... ;-)

This effect doesn't seem to be visible on horizontal scrollbars, at least I couldn't see it in a 
quick test.

I'll throw a little demonstration of the problem together in Photoshop.

Keep up the great work you guys do...

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16 years ago
Created attachment 93069 [details]
a little demonstration of the problem, thrown together in Photoshop

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16 years ago
I'm sorry, Philip, but I don't completely understand what the bug is.  Could you

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16 years ago
This happens in all Aqua-using apps. I'll attach two screenshots; one from
Chimera, and one from TextEdit. Both show quirks near the bottom of the scroll

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16 years ago
Created attachment 93230 [details]
TextEdit screenshot

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16 years ago
Created attachment 93231 [details]
Chimera/20020724 screenshot

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16 years ago
(You'll need to enlarge those screenshots to see the problem.)

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16 years ago
Nice try, but we actually do use native scroll bars. Marking invalid :-)
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
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16 years ago
Greg, you're right (sorry for replying late)... Surprisingly (for me at least, as I never noticed 
this before -- I spend a lot of time in my browser of choice) this really seems to happen in 
other Aqua-apps as well... Sorry for the confusion, I was so sure it is Chimera-only and 
just wanted to help track this bug down... 8-/

Thanks for your hint...
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