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Linux debug build failing at make check


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Thunderbird 72.0


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The Linux debug builds are failing a bunch of tests at testing/xpcshell/ The logs show this assertion failure:

[task 2019-11-21T01:12:27.313Z] 01:12:27 INFO - check> E PID 29564 | Assertion failure: aDefaultLocale.IsEmpty() || Locale(aDefaultLocale).IsWellFormed() (If specified, default locale must be a well-formed BCP47 language tag.), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/intl/locale/LocaleService.cpp:549

That makes me think bug 1571915 or bug 1581960 are the problem. Any advice, Gandalf?

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I guess it is related! Can you advice me on how to run those tests locally so I can debug it?

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I do make -C objdir check and the tests in question run, but I've not seen the failure locally as I haven't got a debug build handy.

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Additionally, I've no idea why the tests only fail on Linux, and why they pass for Firefox but not Thunderbird. I didn't see anything in your patches that would not also apply to Thunderbird.

Hmm, I don't have Tb set up. I can try to repro it tomorrow, but my initial guess is that some Tb specific test, or Tb specific code that fetches OS locale, uses a locale that is not recognized - "root", "", "und" etc. passed as defaultLocale to some negotiation in

We're failing that assertion because aDefaultLocale is "x-test", presumably because it runs after the l10n-check step. Firefox doesn't run l10n-check on debug builds, so it doesn't fail. Mac OS doesn't run l10n-check because it's disabled in the mozconfig. Windows … I dunno.

In this patch I disable l10n check on Linux and Windows via mozconfig, because that's what Firefox does, and it should fix things.

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Disable l10n-check on debug builds; r=rjl

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What I pushed differs from the patch here because I added the new lines too far down the files and mozconfig.automation overrode them.

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