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Using WindowContext to get necessary information for AntiTrackingCommon


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In the AntiTrackingCommon, there are some places that we need to do anti-tracking decisions based on information in the top-level window, which is not accessible in Fission when the document is not in the same origin with the top-level window.

We plan to use the WindowContext(see Bug 1583863) to get necessary information from the out-of-process top-level window.

The information is going to store in the WindowContext include:

  1. CookieSettings
  2. HasStorageAccessGranted()

In bug 1540810 I'm adding one more item to this list (sorry!): The canonical host name of the top-level window.

I decided to do that instead of doing the hard work of making that Fission compatible in that bug because I realized that fixing that would be quite similar to item 2 from the list in comment 0. Similar to that item, we probably don't want to import the raw domain name into the address space of a content process rendering a third-party iframe, but instead of doing that we can generate a one-way hash of the base domain and send that to the content process (similar to the idea of using a one-way hash to scramble the permission names behind HasStorageAccessGranted()).

Priority: -- → P1

We are going to review all the data accessed across origin in AntiTrackingCommon.cpp to see whether they can be moved to WindowConrtext.
If not, what can we do to make it fission-compatiable.

Here is the document listing all the data that need to be investigated.

Depends on: 1612349
Depends on: 1612350
Depends on: 1612373
Depends on: 1612376
Depends on: 1612378
Depends on: 1612385
No longer depends on: 1612378
No longer depends on: 1612373
No longer depends on: 1612376
No longer depends on: 1612349
No longer depends on: 1612350
No longer depends on: 1612385

close this one because this was used as a metabug but all the dependent bugs were removed.

Closed: 2 months ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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