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Targeted HREFs do not focus target window


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HREFs with a TARGET attribute do not focus the target window if the window
already exists.  The target window properly loads the destination URL, but the
window stays in the background.  The following HTML will demonstrate the problem:

<A HREF="" TARGET="NEW">This link</A> will open the Apple
website in a named window.  If the new window is left open, subsequent clicks of
this link should just reload in that same new window, and ideally
bring it to the front.

If you change the address of the window, then go back to the window
rendering this code, and click the link again, the target window will reload but stay in the background.  It would be better if the target were
brought to front since the user likely wants it there (they did click the link,
after all).

Still present in 0.4.  Great job so far!
Matt, does this also happen using Mozilla?
Severity: normal → minor
Mozilla behaves the same way. This may be a special case, however I don't know
of an easy way to do it off the top of my head. Jag?
Do we want this to focus the window? Neither NS4.X nor IE 6.0 will focus the
named window for this testcase.
Wow, looks like the only browser that actually does what I'm requesting is IE
5.2 on Mac (tried NS6, Mozilla, Omni, etc).  Sad that I've used it long enough
to take its behavior as standard on faith.

However, I still think the requested behavior is intuitive.  Please leave open
as an RFE.
Reassigning to Browser/XP Toolkit/Widgets.
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I think the bug I just found is actually this bug, but here is another example
of it.  I'm using 2003011122 build for Linux.  Go to  Then click on "Classics in the history of
psychology" on the left frame, which is a target="new" link to  Then use alt-tab to get back to the first page.
Then click the same "Classics..." link again.  It would be nice if the second
page (the classics page) came up on top, but it doesn't.
*** Bug 211787 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
I agree that we should fix this, even though many other browsers share our
current behavior.  I have encountered this bug on several sites.
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