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[autoconfig] Re-run config after password changed


(Thunderbird :: Account Manager, enhancement)

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(thunderbird_esr68 fixed, thunderbird72 fixed, thunderbird73 fixed)

Thunderbird 73.0
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thunderbird_esr68 --- fixed
thunderbird72 --- fixed
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In the account creation dialog:

  1. Enter a wrong email address, e.g.
  2. Enter a right password
  3. Click Continue
  4. -> We run the config detection, and get no result
  5. Correct the email address to
  6. -> We remove the config
  7. Click Continue
  8. -> We show the right config

This is correct. The case to fix is:

  1. Enter a right email address
  2. Enter the wrong password
  3. Click Continue
  4. -> We run the config detection, and show the result
  5. Correct the password
  6. -> The config stays
  7. Click Done
  8. -> We show "password wrong"

This is fine for almost all ISPs, where the config does not depend on the password.
Some Exchange configs, the password matters, so there, we should re-run the config process.
We should also make the username field go away in this case, if it's showing and still empty.

Assignee: nobody → ben.bucksch

This does the same thing for the password as we do for the email address field.
Also, drop the username field (compare bug 1593122). It will show again as needed.

Note that I consider this an edge case. I presume that the user entered the correct password. Esp. given that there is now an eye button to show the password. But just in case, this patch should fix the cases where the user entered the wrong password.

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Start over after changing password, v1

Review of attachment 9113239 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thanks for taking care of this, indeed if email or password change, the config should happen again.

::: mail/components/accountcreation/content/emailWizard.js
@@ +518,4 @@
>      this.checkStartDone();
> +    if (!this._exchangeUsername) {
> +      _hide("usernameRow");
> +    }

I'm not sure about hiding the username if empty.
We might stumble in a situation where the user is updating the password before filling up the username field, and if we hide it he will be forced to click "continue" again to make it visible, which is a bit weird.

Better to keep this visible if it shows up during an Exchange setup.
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Ben, please address comment #2 so we can move forward.

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With Aleca's review comment addressed

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Start over after changing password, v2

Looks like Alex is taking his PTO more seriously than me ;-) - This is a simple patch and I think I can approve it. I've tested it, too.

Ben, as a Christmas present, **please** include eight lines of context in your patches. It's really quite impossible to review without it.

Sadly no one has landed anything after the last merge, so I'll do it now before it's too late.
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Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 73.0

Pushed by
[autoconfig] Re-run config after password changed. r=jorgk

Closed: 7 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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Thanks for having landed this.

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Start over after changing password, v2

In case we're doing a TB 72 beta 3 before the next branch date on 2020-01-06.
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This is good, thanks for landing this Jorg.

Target Milestone: Thunderbird 73.0 → Thunderbird 72.0
Target Milestone: Thunderbird 72.0 → Thunderbird 73.0
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