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Add browsertime --video recording support for Firefox android


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(Reporter: rwood, Assigned: beth)



Have raptor-browsertime record the tp6m page-load videos on android, and save them as taskcluster artifacts like we do now for raptor-browsertime on desktop.

FYI note by :nalexander (from

"I'm quite confident that capturing video for GeckoView-based Apps will not work because there's an asynchronous write-to-disk that can't be improved until Bug 1581240 (or something equivalent) lands. On top of that, there are known issues with the orange frame on mobile: see Bug 1565225. I have dug quite far into that ticket and I will update it now, but it's not clear to me that there's actually an issue there."

FYI, geckoview_example defaults to webrender disabled so the window recording is working correctly.
But maybe we want to wait until Bug 1565225 is fixed so that visual metrics don't break if and when geckoview_example defaults to WebRender.

:rwood do visual metrics work with GeckoView Example?

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(In reply to Dave Hunt [:davehunt] [he/him] ⌚BST from comment #3)

:rwood do visual metrics work with GeckoView Example?

Do you mean running raptor-browsertime with --video enabled on android GVE? Or do you mean barrett's visual metrics task that takes browsertime-generated videos and analyzes them? (Or maybe you mean both). I've never tried either... deferring to :tarek and :barret. I can start looking at that when I get some time after I get btime Fenix working.

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(In reply to Dave Hunt [:davehunt] [he/him] ⌚BST from comment #3)

:rwood do visual metrics work with GeckoView Example?

Oh video recording does work with GVE as long as webrender is not enabled (comment 2 above).

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Priority: P2 → P3
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Blocks: 1604527
Depends on: 1565225
Depends on: 1606365
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Closed: 4 years ago
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