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Zoom "Reset" menu should be renamed "Actual Size"


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Like Chromium and Safari.

The View > Zoom > Reset menu item should be renamed "Actual Size" in order to be more consistent with those browsers.

I kept this bug broad, but this can be refiled to Cocoa instead if it makes more sense for macOS, but I don't see a real reason why it shouldn't also apply to Windows and Linux.

See Also: → 1588895
See Also: → 1601411

I'd want someone from UX to weigh in before doing anything here. Eric, are you the right person?

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Spoke with Betsy since this is a string change. We're both good with the change to "Actual Size"

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Note that when bug 1588895 lands, this would say "Actual Size" when what it does is reset to global zoom, so if your global zoom preference is 150%, it'd set it to that - not 100%. That seems to be what other browsers do too, but it does feel odd to call it "Actual Size"...

Mentor: gijskruitbosch+bugs

Anyway, to fix this, we'd need to:

  1. change the identifier of the string at - probably menu-view-full-zoom-actual-size would be a good choice
  2. change the label and access key properties to have correct values
  3. use menu-view-full-zoom-actual-size at .
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Could I take this bug, please?

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Change View>Zoom>Reset in menu bar to "Actual Size" to be consistent with other browsers r=Gijs,fluent-reviewers

Thanks for the patch!

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