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Speed up the picture caching pre_update/post_update in frame building


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Profiling the test cases from bug 1512789 and bug 1527964, I see a non-trivial amount of frame building time spent in picture caching related code. In particular, TileCacheInstance pre_update and post_update stand out with a lot of hash map insertion causing reallocation and memcpys. These two add up to between 10% and 28% of total frame building time on the profiled test cases.

Summary: Speed up the picture caching code in frame building → Speed up the picture caching pre_update/post_update in frame building
Assignee: nobody → nical.bugzilla
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Avoid reallocating opacity bindings and tiles hash maps in TileCacheInstance. r=gw
Avoid reallocaitng spatial nodes hash map. r=gw
Avoid reallocating the tile compare cache each rame. r=gw
Recycle some hash map allocations after scene swap. r=gw
Avoid unnecessary vector allocations when splitting the tile cache. r=gw
Prevent recycled hash maps from growing indefinitely. r=gw
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