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tooltip which pops up when hovering over a folder with unread messages partially unreadable


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Not set


(thunderbird_esr68 fixed, thunderbird72 fixed, thunderbird73 fixed)

Thunderbird 73.0
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thunderbird_esr68 --- fixed
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Steps to reproduce:

Hover with cursor over a folder with unread messages

Actual results:

A tooltip pops up which shows the subjects and a part of the content of the email, but the content isn't readable.

Expected results:

The tooltip should pop up and the subjects and the content should be readable

The problem appears under Debian 10 with KDE5 as environment

Did you make sure to try with the standard theme? Looks like some text color is off.

Component: Folder and Message Lists → Theme

The only that i use, is the breeze-gtk-theme, for better integration with kde. It's set via the system settings (kde-config-gtk-style module).
I thought that it did work in version 68 but i tested tested it again and it doesn't work in 68 too.
Sorry, if thats not a problem of thunderbird. I'll try try to change the color by myself.

It seems KDE doesn't set the GrayText correctly.
Instead of defining a fixed colour, I use a reduced opacity. With this we always use the text colour that should fit in the tooltip also with exotic tooltip colours.

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Looks good, thx! r=mkmelin
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Use for the folder tooltip summary text a reduced opacity instead of a fixed colour. r=mkmelin

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Target Milestone: Thunderbird 72.0 → Thunderbird 73.0
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