Problems resizing sidebar-handle can disappear or be obscured



19 years ago
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(Reporter: sidr, Assigned: slamm)


Windows 95

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19 years ago
On Win95,using M10 (build 1999100618) -

1. Start with the sidebar at its default width.
Shorten the height of the browser window, if necessary,
until the sidebar has a vertical scroll-bar.
Plan on opening some new browser windows as the resizing handles
used to reproduce these problems dissappear unbidden.

2. Click-drag the sidebar resizing handle to the left,
in increments of roughly the width of the vertical scroll-bar
repeatedly. To reproduce the problem, the resizing must be done
with the middle, patterned portion of the resizing handle
(the part between the two left-facing arrows). If the handle is
clicked anywhere else, the side-bar cannot be made too narrow to
display all of the "reload  customize..." text at the top of the
side-bar .

A. Most, but not all, of the time, the vertical
scroll-bar will disappear  once the side-bar is shrunk to about
half its default width. Once that happens , the resizing handle will
only be displayed, and will only be active, in the regions beside
the headers for the side-bar sections
(What's Related, Flashes, Tinderbox...) .  These remnants
of the resizing handle are still active, and if the side-bar
is made wider again, the normal resizing handle will reappear.

B. Other times the scroll-bar will remain, and the resizing handle
will completely disappear. At this point the side-bar will
remain active, but cannot be re-sized by any mousing actions.
The  side-bar vertical scroll-bar will remain, and will work, but
it will be displayed at less than its normal width. If it is clicked on,
it will be displayed at its normal width, obscuring part of the main
browsing window. This visual defect remains until a gecko repaint is forced.

3. The 2.B. behaviour can be reliably reproduced by doing the following.
Carefully resize the browser window so that the  middle,
patterned portion of the side-bar resizing handle  is vertically
positioned so that no part of it is beside the side-bar section headers
mentioned in 2.A. This is possible if the toolbars are in their default
state, and the browser window is about 675-700 pixels tall. At that
height, the patterned portion will be between the headers labeled
"Flashes" and "Tinderbox".  Resize the side-bar smaller as described in
2. above, and the 2.B. behaviour will happen, but never the 2.A.


19 years ago
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Comment 1

19 years ago
None of the problems reported above happen with M11 build 1999101109
on WinNT. The sidebar can be resized to any width at all and both the
handle and the sidebar vertical scrollbar are properly displayed at all
widths, even widths too small to bother with.


19 years ago
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19 years ago

Comment 2

19 years ago
marking fixed then, per reporter
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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