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Notification request from is suppressed


(Core :: DOM: Push Notifications, defect, P2)




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firefox73 - fix-optional
firefox74 --- affected


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If you visit in a profile where it doesn't have the notification permission already it will choose a random time to ask you to grant it notification access. The notification access grant isn't requested with user gesture so we don't show the prompt any more and only show the icon in the URL bar.

When this happened to me the first time, it took me a couple of days to notice it and I missed a meeting as a result.

Peter, would you mind reaching out to our Google contacts about this issue please? Thanks!

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My idea to solve this would be that we could introduce a time limit after which sites that already had user interaction once will be able to visibly prompt again. If we make that sufficiently large I don't think we're in a bad place from the annoyance perspective. Felix, could you do me the favor and take another quick look at our data to figure out if there's an amount of time after which "accept" rates are significantly increasing? If such a number exists, we could use it here.

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I'm a bit slammed right now; will try to get to it next week (before PTO and all hands and more PTO) but I can't promise it... If it's really important that it gets done then please file a DS ticket.

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Hi Felix, are you still slammed or can you get to this?

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I'm still pretty slammed, and I've moved teams (out of product DS, now focussing on metrics and segments), so I'm probably not the right person to do this. I'd recommend filing a JIRA ticket and likely another DS will take it on.

In the ticket it's probably worth including the context to give the next DS a leg up: the report and the databricks notebook that generated the report. I'll also happily chat to the other DS to help them out. But I don't think I can justify giving a day or two to this right now (e.g. all the spark queries need to be rewritten in SQL) without this going through triage.

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I just sent a note about this issue to the coordination list.

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(In reply to Peter Saint-Andre [:stpeter] from comment #6)

I just sent a note about this issue to the coordination list.

Did you ever receive a response? Thank you!

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Our Google friends filed an internal issue and I just pinged them for a status.

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