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Setup WNP for users coming from <72.0 and receiving the 72.0 release


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(firefox72+ fixed, firefox73 fixed)

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Request is to have the product point to the /whatsnew page in the Firefox 72.0 release and show it (WNP).

  • All users coming from <72.0 and receiving the 72.0 release should be shown the WNP 72.0 page.

  • id - has a hard coded template not reflected in Pontoon and will need to be added to the final list of locales -

  • Users in locales at 100% will be shown the content in the WNP 71.0 page (we'll assign that content to the WNP URL)

  • for locales w/o content, they should not be shown a page (does not default to en-US)

No longer blocks: 1598760

@cocomo - do we have a list of locales for wnp this cycle?

We need to land this today and have it ready for the release on Monday, Dec 30th.

Flags: needinfo?(pmo)

@:jlund, As of today, we have 38 locales, including id.

  • be,
  • cak,
  • cs,
  • cy,
  • de,
  • dsb,
  • en-CA,
  • en-GB,
  • es-AR,
  • es-CL,
  • es-ES,
  • eu,
  • fr,
  • fy-NL,
  • gn,
  • hr,
  • hub,
  • hu,
  • ia,
  • id,
  • it,
  • ka,
  • kab,
  • nb-NO,
  • nl,
  • nn-NO,
  • pl,
  • pt-BR,
  • ru,
  • sk,
  • sl,
  • sq,
  • sv-SE,
  • tr,
  • uk,
  • vi,
  • zh-CN,
  • zh-TW
Flags: needinfo?(pmo)
Assignee: nobody → jlund

@mtabara, @jcristau - This will need to land on central and beta before doing the beta->release migration.

Failing that, we can land it and uplift it to mozilla-release after the migration but we will need to wait on CI builds from that cset before doing RC1 from it.

Flags: needinfo?(mtabara)
Flags: needinfo?(jcristau)

[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: This needs to land on mozilla-beta before the merge from m-b->m-r on Mon, Dec 30th.

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Setup WNP for users coming from <72.0 and receiving the 72.0 release, r=lizzard

Comment on attachment 9118008 [details]
Bug 1604358 - Setup WNP for users coming from <72.0 and receiving the 72.0 release, r?mtabara

OK to land on beta so we have this in place before the merge early on Monday.

Attachment #9118008 - Flags: approval-mozilla-beta+
Flags: needinfo?(jcristau)
Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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