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Crash in [@ at$H.handleMessage(]


(Firefox for Android :: General, defect)

Firefox 68
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firefox-esr68 --- wontfix


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Crash Data

This bug is for crash report bp-0158fefd-65fd-48e8-955e-f64cc0191217.

Filing this bug specifically since starting in July this signature has been trending up. I realize Bug 801617 has a similar signature but that is a 7 year old bug and I wanted to keep this bug specific to the increase in crashes starting in July:

APIs range from 16-29. Motorola and One Plus devices are the top crashing devices.

Fenix also appears to be affected.

6221 crash so far in Fennec release 68.3.0.

Java stack trace:
	at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
	at android.os.Looper.loop(
	at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)

Diana, can you try to reproduce this on a Motorola or One Plus?

Here are some comments from crash reports:

  • Tried to copy text from iMDB on a synopsis page.
  • Firefox still crashes when a link to Twitter is clicked
  • In private window searching not signed in there but signed in a normal window.
  • A Twitter page, with a video, opened in a new tab... as always.
  • I was trying to open a Twitter link from WhatsApp and the browser crashed. for some reason Twitter automatically logs itself out o. the browser, but when I open links elsewhere it logs me back in. looks like it was a bad interaction between being logged out in one tab and logging in from a link on another.
  • I was on then followed a link to a Huffpost article (about the clownshoe currently squatting in the White House posting a fake image of him giving a medal to a dog, not that the article is relevant) when firefox died (maybe the orange buffoon killed it, also not relevant). Back on my homescreen the firefox icon was freaking out by repeatedly updating notification numbers.
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I tried to reproduce the issue but without any success. Build on which i done the testing, Firefox Release 68.3.0 with OnePlus A5000 (Android 9), OnePlus 6T/A6013(Android 9) and with Moto G4 (Android 6.0.1).
S1 - Tried to copy text from IMDB on a synopsis page.

  • S1.1 - copied a word
    - S1.2 - copied a text
    - S1.3 - link or other page elements included in the copied text
    - S1.4 - made a select all action

S2 - Opened a link to twitter with Firefox Release set as default no crash encounter through external apps. I did some browsing on twitter, made some searches, opened some images.
S3 - Private Mode - Opened a link from twitter, viewing other tweets, copied a twitter link and made a search after it, long tapped on a link and open it through "Open Link in New Tab" and "Open Link in Private Tab" in private browsing, all of this by being logged with a twitter account in normal browsing.
S4 - Logged on Twitter on private mode-open link from a tweet, opened article through twitter.
S5 - Tried to open through twitter, a couple of links with articles that will redirect to
Did some exploratory played a video being logged in twitter, had multiple tabs with tweets opened, set the video in fullscreen.

Flags: needinfo?(diana.rus)

68.3 had almost 18K in crashes. 68.4 is approaching about 3K so far. This crash also affects Fenix. If you look at the graph, the crash rate for this signature has remained fairly constant over time. Although there are some Twitter URLs in the mix, there is a fairly wide spectrum of URLs that I see being involved with this signature.

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