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Function object should have own "arguments" accessor, and Function#arguemnts should unconditionally throw


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Steps to reproduce:

var a = function(){}

Actual results:

a.hasOwnProperty('arguments') === false

Expected results:

in chrome, safir, ie
a.hasOwnProperty('arguments') === true

non-strict function objects' arguments property isn't spec-ed, so the behavior is implementation dependent,
so, the result above itself doesn't violates the spec.
however, to implement the common extension (allowing non_strict_function.arguments access),
the only way would be adding own property (see the comment about proposal at the end of this comment)

the details are the following.

What the spec says about function object's arguments property is only that,
it shouldn't have arguments property when it's strict-mode.

16.2 Forbidden Extensions

An implementation must not extend this specification in the following ways:

  • ECMAScript function objects defined using syntactic constructors in strict
    mode code must not be created with own properties named "caller" or
    "arguments". Such own properties also must not be created for function
    objects defined using an ArrowFunction , MethodDefinition ,
    GeneratorDeclaration , GeneratorExpression , AsyncGeneratorDeclaration ,
    AsyncGeneratorExpression , ClassDeclaration , ClassExpression ,
    AsyncFunctionDeclaration , AsyncFunctionExpression , or AsyncArrowFunction
    regardless of whether the definition is contained in strict mode code.
    Built-in functions, strict functions created using the Function
    constructor, generator functions created using the Generator constructor,
    async functions created using the AsyncFunction constructor, and functions
    created using the bind method also must not be created with such own

then, the spec defines arguments property of Function.prototype, that unconditionally throws.

8.2.2 CreateIntrinsics ( realmRec )

The abstract operation CreateIntrinsics with argument realmRec performs the
following steps:

4. Perform

9.2.4 AddRestrictedFunctionProperties ( F, realm )


  1. Assert: realm.[[Intrinsics]].[[%ThrowTypeError%]] exists and has been
  2. Let thrower be realm.[[Intrinsics]].[[%ThrowTypeError%]].
  3. Perform ! DefinePropertyOrThrow(F, "caller", PropertyDescriptor { [[Get]]:
    thrower, [[Set]]: thrower, [[Enumerable]]: false, [[Configurable]]: true
  4. Return ! DefinePropertyOrThrow(F, "arguments", PropertyDescriptor {
    [[Get]]: thrower, [[Set]]: thrower, [[Enumerable]]: false,
    [[Configurable]]: true }).

Table 8: Well-Known Intrinsic Objects

A function object that unconditionally throws a new instance of %TypeError%

then, what SpiderMonkey implements is slightly different than the spec.
For non-strict function objects, the getter returns arguments object, instead of just throwing.

so, the following code behaves differently, and SpiderMonkey's behavior doesn't follow the spec,
given the thrower conditionally throws, and it doesn't for this case.

(function f() {  return Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(Function.prototype, "arguments"); })(1, 2, 3)

this behavior is implemented in bug 969478,
and it seems to be that the spec is changed to above after that.

also, there's proposal to modify Function#arguments not to throw unconditionally.

I think that is something similar to SpiderMonkey's behavior.

Component: Untriaged → JavaScript Engine
Ever confirmed: true
Product: Firefox → Core
See Also: → 969478
Summary: hasOwnProperty('arguments') → Function object should have own "arguments" accessor, and Function#arguemnts should unconditionally throw

also, bug 1527810 is related that it's about caller accessor's behavior

See Also: → 1527810
Priority: -- → P3

Working as intended per Bug 1615704. In particular, the, arguments accessor is inherited from Function.prototype.

Severity: normal → S3
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