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printing problem when fragmenting tables


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Steps to reproduce:

Tried printing certain emails from a grocery store chain containing purchase order list of purchased items to Canon printer MX922 in FF. Clicking the Print icon first generates and opens a print formatted page to print (all looks good there) then opens the print dialog box.

When click to print to printer OR to PDF file, whole sections of the page are missing on the first 2-3 pages, then half way down page 3 all the content shows up from that point forward.

This same email exists in both Yahoo Mail and GMail. BOTH behave the same way in FF but if I try to print this SAME email in Google Chrome, everything prints out ok to printer OR PDF file.

I have tried on latest version of FF for Mac and FF for Windows and get the SAME results with these emails but no problems with Chrome.

It seems that this is a bug in the way FF generates the printer file. Something about these particular emails from this store are not being handled correctly.

Actual results:

sections of email fail to print using FF.

Expected results:

the whole email content should print, without missing any content on any pages.

(I have several examples of this type of email from the grocery store... not sure how to get this passed on to someone to test and troubleshoot).

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Thanks for the bug report. It's likely to be a known bug that we'll be looking at fixing some time in 2020H1, but it would be good to verify this. So if you are comfortable sharing the contents of one of these emails, you can attach it to this bug. From Gmail, you can do this:

  1. Select the email that exhibits the printing problem.
  2. Click the Print toolbar icon within Gmail.
  3. The print dialog should pop up automatically. Click Cancel, and you should be left with the tab open that shows the print-ready version of the email.
  4. Press Cmd+S to save the contents of the tab. Type in some filename, ensure "Web Page, complete" is selected for "Format", then click Save.

That should save both a .html file and a folder containing other resources, e.g. if you used the name "email" in the save dialog, there'll be a file called "email.html" and a folder called "email_files". Zip these up and attach them to this bug, and we can take a look. Alternatively feel free to email the zip file to me at Thanks!

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just sent sample to your email. Please confirm receipt and if it is ok for your purposes.

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Thanks, I can reproduce with that page.

+1 :-)

So is this problem isolated to the Canon printer driver? I am going to guess you have a different printer.

Yes, I don't think it's related to the printer. I just printed to a PDF on my Linux machine. I'll try to make a reduced test.

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Summary: BUG? Printing incompatibility with Firefox and Canon Printer → printing problem when fragmenting tables
Attached file reporter's test

Here's a scrubbed version of the reporter's test.

Attached file reduced test

And here's a reduced test.

Key seems to be the nested tables as well as the display: block on the td in the middle. Mats, do you know enough about table fragmentation to know what's going on here?

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Attachment #9119649 - Attachment description: test → reporter's test

I made the observation that the gap above the dashed border is exactly the height I put on #td2.
That's weird. Maybe the inner <tbody> reports the desired size of both its rows but still pushes the 2nd, and then that faulty size travels outward in some way?

Shouldn't be too hard to figure out by debugging it in rr, even for someone who doesn't know table layout in detail.

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Hi, just wondering if there has been any progress on this. Thx.

Hi, just checking in to see if there has been any movement on this. Please advise.

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No progress, but we are actively working on related fragmentation issues, and have fixed other bugs related to tables. I've added this to our triage as a P1, and will show up on this page where we are tracking progress:

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Whiteboard: [layout:print-triage:p1][frag2020]

Thx :-)

Hi...just following up... I see that the list of issues re: Printing and Fragmentation is still quite long. Not asking for any commitment but any sense of over what time frame it might be to actually fix this?

@smayer97: In general, for all and any open bug reports: Whenever you or anybody else interested provide a software patch which fixes this bug.

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Duplicate of this bug: 1672504

Having to turn to Chrome to print seems odd given that this was never a problem with pre-Quantum versions of FF.

And this problem is increasing as more and more emails are using many of these formatting modes...

P.S. I have other examples that produce similar results but since I am not a programmer I cannot be 100% sure it is all about fragmented tables. Is there somewhere I can send a sample or two (but someone would need to sanitize it from personal data, e.g. email address, etc)?

Any chance printing from Yahoo Mail in Firefox will be fixed anytime soon?

Never had this problem with pre-Quantum FF. BOTH Safari and Chrome can handle this too, NO problem!

It has been almost 1 1/2 years now since I raised this. I know there are many printing related issues. Having to turn to other browsers just to print makes a sad case for Firefox.

(Sorry, I am not a programmer so cannot assist).

P.S. I did not get a reply to my last inquiry 6 months ago either.

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