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font size of permission settings regressed (font is too small)


(Firefox :: Settings UI, defect)

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Firefox 74
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(Reporter: soeren.hentzschel, Assigned: bytesized)




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  1. open Preferences > Privacy & Security
  2. scroll to the permission section
  3. press on of the "Settings…" buttons

The font size of the whole dialog is too small. It's a regression from bug 1585482.

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I performed the STR on a current version of Nightly and again on a pre-Bug 1585482 version of Nightly, and they look identical to me. Could you provide more information on your configuration? I think some of the font sizes are set to be specific to the Operating System. A screenshot might be nice too, if you wouldn't mind.

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Attached image screenshot

I attached a screenshot for comparison.
The operating system is macOS Catalina.

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(In reply to Kirk Steuber (he/him) [:bytesized] from comment #3)

I have identified that this problem does not just happen on this page. It happens on any preferences dialog that does not actually use the <dialog> element, as a result of this change. Here are a list of dialogs that I believe have the same problem:

I'm looking into possible fixes for this. I haven't yet identified an obvious way of distinguishing, in CSS, the difference between a <window> with and without a <dialog> in it.

Is it possible we could switch that selector back to :root > *?

That seems like a reasonable solution to me. I'll post a patch.

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Fix font size regression on preferences dialogs without a <dialog> element r=bgrins
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