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Wrong saved usernames are listed on Username fields


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Firefox 68


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Steps to reproduce:

I tried to log on a page where I use multiple usernames and therefore the Username field was not auto-filled. I tapped on it to see my saved usernames for this page.

For the record, the page was however this issue takes place on all pages where the Username field is not auto-filled.

Actual results:

The list of usernames was all wrong. While these usernames are indeed saved on my database, they were not related to the ones I use on this particular page.

Expected results:

I should be getting a list of the usernames that are saved on this page. This is how it works on Firefox on desktop, and this is how to used to work on Firefox for Android.

Was this reported for Fennec or Fenix? (FIrefox Preview)

If not sure, can you please post a screenshot?

I've uploaded the relevant screenshots, from Firefox Desktop and Firefox Android.

I'm using the standard Firefox on Android. It doesn't say neither Fennec nor Fenix. Settings > Mozilla Firefox > About Firefox states: Firefox Browser (68.5.0)

Component: General → Logins, Passwords and Form Fill

Asking Matt for advice on this one.

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Depends on: 1618058

It seems like you're seeing form history results instead of usernames from saved logins. I guess you don't get appropriate suggestions when you focus the password field due to this code not running on Android.

(In reply to Panos Stokas from comment #0)

I should be getting a list of the usernames that are saved on this page. This is how it works on Firefox on desktop, and this is how to used to work on Firefox for Android.

Hmm… I also thought we had this working on Firefox for Android years ago but I thought I had QA check recently and they said it never worked so now I'm confused. At least I don't think this is a recent regression but let me know if that's not true. You can test with old .apk files at but don't have it replace/delete your existing install or you will lose your data which isn't in Firefox Sync.

We are planning to re-implement this in the new, faster Firefox for Android in bug 1618058 so I'm not sure there is a much worth doing until then unless this is a really recent regression.

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Making this a P3 for now.

Priority: -- → P3

Bug 1574907 is about the password login autocomplete and this is about usernames… they may be the same issue.

See Also: → 1574907
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