[PP]Mac Wizard crashing when installing custom components



20 years ago
15 years ago


(Reporter: agracebush, Assigned: samir_bugzilla)


Mac System 8.5

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20 years ago
Steps to reproduce:
1. run the mac wizard
2. choose custom install
3. check components to install
4. Press install

actual result:  crash
expected result: installed components
Mac wizard (10/12)

 MacsBug 6.5.4a6, Copyright Apple Computer, Inc. 1981-98

PowerPC unmapped memory exception at 0B563438

  12-Oct-1999 2:50:24 PM (since boot = 6 hours, 1 minute)
  Current application is “Netscape Installer”
  Machine = 510 (PowerMacG3), System $0851, sysu = $01008000
  ROM version $077D, $45F2, $0001 (ROMBase $FFC00000)
  VM is on; paging is currently safe
  NIL^ = $FFC10000
  Stack space used = +64173266
 Address 0B563438 is in VM file-mapped logical memory space
 It is in the CFM fragment “Netscape Installer” at 0B54B000
 It is 00018438 bytes from the start of the fragment
  and 000176E8 bytes into a non-writeable code section at 0B54BD50
 PowerPC 740/750 Registers
                         CR0  CR1  CR2  CR3  CR4  CR5  CR6  CR7
  PC  = 0B563438     CR  1000 0010 0000 0000 0000 0000 0100 1000
  LR  = 0B5635A0         <>=O XEVO
  CTR = 001D78A8
  MSR = 00000000         SOC Compare Count
  Int = 0            XER 000   00     00                     MQ  =

  R0  = 619A6198     R8  = 00000000      R16 = 00000000      R24 =
  SP  = 03179890     R9  = 00000000      R17 = 00000000      R25 =
  TOC = 0313AEF0     R10 = 00000020      R18 = 00000000      R26 =
  R3  = 61966194     R11 = 001D52DC      R19 = 00000000      R27 =
  R4  = 001ABDD4     R12 = 0B54D9E4      R20 = 00000000      R28 =
  R5  = 0313A97C     R13 = 00000000      R21 = 00000000      R29 =
  R6  = 001ABDC8     R14 = 00000000      R22 = 00000000      R30 =
  R7  = 001D91B0     R15 = 00000000      R23 = 00000000      R31 =
 Disassembling PowerPC code from 0B563410
  No procedure name
            0B563410   stw        r4,0x0004(r5)
| 90850004
            0B563414   stw        r4,0x000C(r3)
| 9083000C
            0B563418   blr
| 4E800020
            0B56341C   lwz        r5,0x0000(r3)
| 80A30000
            0B563420   cmplw      r4,r5
| 7C042840
            0B563424   bne        $+0x000C                   ;
0x0B563430 | 4082000C
            0B563428   lwz        r0,0x0008(r5)
| 80050008
            0B56342C   stw        r0,0x0000(r3)
| 90030000
            0B563430   lwz        r0,0x0004(r4)
| 80040004
            0B563434   lwz        r3,0x0008(r4)
| 80640008
            0B563438  *stw        r0,0x0004(r3)
| 90030004
            0B56343C   lwz        r0,0x0008(r4)
| 80040008
            0B563440   lwz        r3,0x0004(r4)
| 80640004
            0B563444   stw        r0,0x0008(r3)
| 90030008
            0B563448   blr
| 4E800020
            0B56344C   lwz        r5,0x0000(r3)
| 80A30000
            0B563450   addi       r6,r5,0x0000
| 38C50000
            0B563454   lwz        r0,0x0000(r5)
| 80050000
            0B563458   clrrwi     r0,r0,0x02
| 5400003A
            0B56345C   cmplw      r0,r4
| 7C002040
 Heap zones
  #1  Mod        7811K  00002800 to 007A359F  SysZone^
  #2  Mod           6K    0000C660 to 0000E17F  ROM read-only zone
  #3  Mod       55233K  007A35A0 to 03D93A9F  Process Manager zone
  #4  Mod        8217K    03128DC0 to 0392F4BF  “Netscape Installer”
ApplZone^  TheZone^  Ta
  #5  Mod         523K    03A98770 to 03B1B36F  “SimpleText”
  #6  Mod         942K    03B6CC60 to 03C5875F  “Finder”
  #7  Mod          83K    03C6CFF0 to 03C81EEF  “Time Synchronizer”
  #8  Mod         361K    03C90780 to 03CEAE7F  “Folder Actions”
  #9  Mod          89K    03D3BA30 to 03D5212F  “Control Strip
  #10 Mod        3071K  04100000 to 043FFFCF
  #11 Mod         216K    04161370 to 0419736F
  #12 Mod          27K    041FB450 to 0420217F
Checking all heaps
 The System heap at 00002800 is ok
 The ROM read-only heap at 0000C660 is ok
 The Process Manager heap at 007A35A0 is ok
 The “Netscape Installer” heap at 03128DC0 is ok
 The “SimpleText” heap at 03A98770 is ok
 The “Finder” heap at 03B6CC60 is ok
 The “Time Synchronizer” heap at 03C6CFF0 is ok
 The “Folder Actions” heap at 03C90780 is ok
 The “Control Strip Extension” heap at 03D3BA30 is ok
 Totaling the “Netscape Installer” heap at 03128DC0
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           0006       #6   0077DA70     #7854704
  Nonrelocatable                 00A4     #164   0006AC3C      #437308
  Relocatable                    00EB     #235   0001E010      #122896
    Locked                       0007       #7   000008F0        #2288
    Purgeable and not locked     0011      #17   00000CC0        #3264
  Heap size                      0195     #405   008066BC     #8414908
 The target heap is the System heap at 00002800
 Totaling the System heap at 00002800
                                 Total Blocks    Total of Block Sizes
  Free                           003F      #63   0000DA70       #55920
  Nonrelocatable                 094F    #2383   0038491C     #3688732
  Relocatable                    07ED    #2029   0040E9D0     #4254160
    Locked                       019E     #414   0027E930     #2615600
    Purgeable and not locked     009D     #157   000E1AB0      #924336
  Heap size                      117B    #4475   007A0D5C     #7998812
 The target heap is the “Netscape Installer” heap at 03128DC0
 Displaying File Control Blocks
  fRef File                   Vol         Type Fl Fork     LEof
  0002 System                 Hard_Disk   zsys dW rsrc #6122881
  0060 **** EXTENTS B-TREE    Hard_Disk   •••• dw data #2031616
  00BE **** CATALOG B-TREE    Hard_Disk   •••• dw data #12189696
  011C **** VOLUME BITMAP     Hard_Disk   •••• dw data  #135168
  017A VM Storage             Hard_Disk   ZSYS dW data #71303168
  01D8 System Resources       Hard_Disk   zsyr dw rsrc  #727510
  0A4A System                 Hard_Disk   zsys dw data #4072175
  0AA8 Open Tpt AppleTalk Li… Hard_Disk   libr dw rsrc  #502832
  0B06 Open Transport Library Hard_Disk   libr dw rsrc  #524815
  0B64 OpenTransportLib       Hard_Disk   otsl dw data  #501456
  0BC2 Open Transport Library Hard_Disk   libr dw rsrc  #524815
  0C20 Open Transport Library Hard_Disk   libr dw rsrc  #524815
  0C7E IrLanScannerPPC        Hard_Disk   libr dw rsrc    #6501
  0CDC IrDALib                Hard_Disk   shlb dw data  #241190
  0D3A OpenTptAppleTalkLib    Hard_Disk   otsl dw data   #48738
  0D98 OpenTptInternetLib     Hard_Disk   otsl dw data  #257182
  0DF6 Open Tpt AppleTalk Li… Hard_Disk   libr dw rsrc  #502832
  0E54 Open Tpt Internet Lib… Hard_Disk   libr dw rsrc  #461070
  0EB2 Serial (Built-in)      Hard_Disk   libr dw rsrc   #63254
  0F10 ATI Video Memory Mana… Hard_Disk   shlb dw data   #25104
  0F6E Users & Groups Data F… Hard_Disk   BTFL dW data   #73728
  0FCC Apple Guide            Hard_Disk   INIT dw data  #417352
  102A ColorSync Extension    Hard_Disk   appe dw data  #301152
  1088 Contextual Menu Exten… Hard_Disk   INIT dw data   #66663
  10E6 SOMobjects™ for Mac OS Hard_Disk   shlb dw data  #129152
  1144 QuickTime™             Hard_Disk   INIT dw data  #369846
  11A2 Sound Manager          Hard_Disk   INIT dw data   #15008
  1200 Speech Manager         Hard_Disk   INIT dw data    #4000
  125E Internet Config Exten… Hard_Disk   thng dw data   #27708
  12BC Control Strip Extensi… Hard_Disk   appe dW rsrc   #67084
  131A SimpleText             Hard_Disk   APPL dw rsrc  #120392
  1378 Find CM Items          Hard_Disk   cmpi dw data   #21987
  13D6 Folder Actions         Hard_Disk   appe dW rsrc    #4877
  1434 Time Synchronizer      Hard_Disk   appe dW rsrc    #6319
  1492 Finder                 Hard_Disk   FNDR dw rsrc  #638602
  14F0 Finder                 Hard_Disk   FNDR dw data #1870234
  154E Color Picker           Hard_Disk   INIT dw data    #6400
  15AC File Sharing Library   Hard_Disk   shlb dw data   #91214
  160A File Sharing Library   Hard_Disk   shlb dw rsrc    #3190
  1668 Finder Preferences     Hard_Disk   pref dW rsrc     #922
  16C6 QuickTime™ PowerPlug   Hard_Disk   INIT dw data  #219681
  1724 Desktop DB             Hard_Disk   BTFL dW data  #487424
  1782 Desktop DF             Hard_Disk   DTFL dW data #1693730
  17E0 Time Synchronizer      Hard_Disk   appe dw data   #37169
  183E Network Setup Extensi… Hard_Disk   shlb dw data  #408503
  189C Network Setup Extensi… Hard_Disk   shlb dw rsrc   #26989
  18FA Network Setup Extensi… Hard_Disk   shlb dw rsrc   #26989
  1958 PrintingLib            Hard_Disk   shlb dw data #1103024
  19B6 Folder Actions         Hard_Disk   appe dw data   #17331
  1A14 AppleScriptLib         Hard_Disk   shlb dw data   #22636
  1A72 Folder Actions Menus   Hard_Disk   cmpi dw data   #10205
  1AD0 UDFBridgeCMPlugin      Hard_Disk   cmpi dw data    #5261
  1B2E Control Strip Extensi… Hard_Disk   appe dw data    #3160
  1B8C Netscape Installer     Hard_Disk   APPL dW rsrc   #36534
  1BEA AppleTalk Switch       Hard_Disk   sdev dw data    #5066
  1C48 File Sharing Strip     Hard_Disk   sdev dw data    #8634
  1CA6 File Sharing Library   Hard_Disk   shlb dw rsrc    #3190
  1D04 Monitor BitDepth       Hard_Disk   sdev dw data    #7402
  1D62 Monitor Resolution     Hard_Disk   sdev dw data   #13890
  1DC0 Sound Volume           Hard_Disk   sdev dw data    #4154
  1E1E Video Mirroring        Hard_Disk   sdev dw data    #4426
  1E7C Web Sharing CS         Hard_Disk   sdev dw data   #21334
  1EDA Netscape Installer     Hard_Disk   APPL dw data  #112783
  1F38 AppleShare             Hard_Disk   RDEV dw data  #140208
  1F96 AppleShare             Hard_Disk   RDEV dw rsrc  #315893
  1FF4 Standard Additions     Hard_Disk   osax dw data   #99026
  2052 System                 Hard_Disk   zsys dw rsrc #6122881
  20B0 sdinst.dll             Hard_Disk   shlb dw data  #177155
  210E sdinst.dll             Hard_Disk   shlb dw rsrc   #27579
  216C xpiengine.xpi          Hard_Disk   TEXT dw data #3568239
  21CA StdLog                 Hard_Disk   TEXT dW data   #10245
  #223 FCBs, #93 in use (including #22 fonts not listed), #130 free
 Displaying Driver Control Entries
  No drivers are busy.
 Displaying resource information:
  >   Map $0313B738, flags $0000, file $210E = sdinst.dll
      Map $03128F48, flags $0000, file $1B8C = Netscape Installer
   +  Map $00003218, flags $801A, file $0003 = •ROM resources that
override System•
    S Map $00003410, flags $200D, file $0002 = System
      Map $00003170, flags $0014, file $01D8 = System Resources
      [Skipped $0016 maps belonging to font files]
 (CurStackBase does not seem to apply...dumping 4K.)
  Calling chain using A6/R1 links
  Back chain  ISA  Caller
  03179D80    PPC  0C0FF6B0  DoCleanupThreads+00AFC
  03179D30    PPC  0B54EF44  Install+00264
  03179A80    PPC  0B54D5E4  ExtractCoreFile+001BC
  03179A20    PPC  0B55C110  ZIP_FindFree+0003C
  031799E0    PPC  0B55C4F8  nsZipArchive::FindFree(nsZipFind*)+00028
  031799A0    PPC  0B55CF78  nsZipFind::~nsZipFind()+00028
  03179960    PPC  0B560A80
  03179920    PPC  0B5632FC
 Return addresses on the stack
  Stack Addr  Frame Addr   ISA   Caller
   03179BBE                68K   006FFFFE
   03179A88                PPC   0B54EF44 Install+00264
   03179A7C                68K   03139252
   03179A48    03179A40    PPC   FFD5575C FSMakeFSSpec+00030
   03179A38                68K   03139252
   03179A28    03179A20    PPC   0B54D5E4 ExtractCoreFile+001BC
   031799E8    031799E0    PPC   0B55C110 ZIP_FindFree+0003C
   031799A8    031799A0    PPC   0B55C4F8
   03179968    03179960    PPC   0B55CF78
   03179928    03179920    PPC   0B560A80
   031798E8    031798E0    PPC   0B5632FC
   031798C8    031798C0    PPC   0C0C3FF8 __DisposeHandle+00010
   03179890                68K   031798DE
 Displaying memory from 0
  00000000  FFC1 0000 FFC1 0000  001A BDC6 001A BDC8  *¡••*¡••••**••*»
  00000010  001A BDCA 001A BDCC  FFC0 3058 FFC0 305A  ••* ••*Ã*¿0X*¿0Z
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20 years ago
Last Resolved: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: M11

Comment 1

20 years ago
Fixed. Build MIW 199910131734 delivered to QA.


20 years ago

Comment 2

20 years ago
Build MIW 19991013

Comment 3

20 years ago
Updating component from Install Wizard to Installer
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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