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Commit Access (Level 1) for Ken VanDine


(Infrastructure & Operations :: Infrastructure: LDAP, enhancement)

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(Reporter: ken.vandine, Unassigned)




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I have read, and agree to abide by, the Commit Access Requirements.

See Also: → 1622282

I vouch for Ken.

Ken is an employee at Canonical who provided valuable help in setting Firefox Snap[1]. Since then, he's filed snap-related bugs[2] and has fixed 9[3]. More recently, he was instrumental keeping Firefox Snap up to date[4]. He is doing great work and I trust him. Allowing him to access try would help both of us and Mozilla to be sure that his recent work is tested against our infra before it gets landed. I'll will guide him through the technical details.

[1] bug 1297513
[2] bug 1441894, bug 1441900, and bug 1443419
[3] bug 1425518, bug 1441822, bug 1441884, bug 1441920, bug 1442419, bug 1443144, bug 1443522, bug 1443736, and bug 1444140
[4] bug 1622282, bug 1623627, bug 1623631, and bug 1623631

Assignee: nobody → infra
Component: Repository Account Requests → Infrastructure: LDAP
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Product: → Infrastructure & Operations
QA Contact: jdow


Commit Access Level <#> has been granted. +LDAP, +SSH key, +HG, +level_1.

Password has been sent via provided email.

Please confirm here when you have access so we can resolve this bug.

Thank you.

Flags: needinfo?(mpoessy)
Flags: needinfo?(linear1984)
Flags: needinfo?(ken.vandine)
Flags: needinfo?(jlin)
Flags: needinfo?(htusiime)

Thanks all for taking care of this request super quickly! I confirm Ken was able to submit patches to try[1]. I helped him out to get his local machine set up.

I think we're all good! Closing this bug, and thanks again :)


Closed: 4 years ago
Flags: needinfo?(ken.vandine)
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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