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Simplify segment building and move to the scene building pass.


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Reference to why image tiles currently use segments -

Notes to self on things we want to consider:

  • 9 patch segment / instance format.
  • Unifying glyph / primitive instance format.
  • How to handle texture UV sub-rects (and what these are currently used for).
  • Not using segment infrastructure for image tiling rendering.
  • A simpler / smaller instance format (less indirection?).
  • Making use of (unifying) this functionality for image borders, which are already 9-patches.
  • A more advanced batch instance container that can handle different instance sizes per shader - this would allow, for instance, much smaller instances for most primitives, and a larger instance for YUV primitives.
  • Primitive headers indirection is not ideal - we could remove this once segmentation is simplified to be 9-patches only. However, we need a solution for glyph rendering, since that has a similar issue (many sub-rects per overall text run primitive).

This is no longer as important, with picture caching. Removing it
will simplify the planned changes to switch to a simpler segment
model based on nine-patch rectangles during scene building.

Keywords: leave-open
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Remove segment gridding optimization. r=nical
Regressions: 1624463
Depends on: 1633952
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