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Latest version of Symbola is not a good fallback font for IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE (U+3000)


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Mentioned on twitter:

The latest Symbola has a visible glyph for U+3000 (which seems a strange thing to do as a default rendering...), so when font fallback is happening, its presence in gfxPlatformGtk::GetCommonFallbackFonts results in an unwanted symbol where a space would be expected.

We could rearrange the fallback fonts list to try and prefer a real CJK font, or at least Droid Sans Fallback, but given the unpredictability of available fonts on Linux systems, perhaps a better option is to make U+3000 one of the space-like chars for which we will synthesize a blank glyph of a standard width instead of resorting to system font fallback.

Hmm -- while I think it's worth doing this, I'm not sure whether it'll actually fix things for the original user; I don't have a specific URL, but it's possible they're viewing a page where Symbola is explicitly included in the font-family list, rather than hitting it via fallback.

Just to follow up, discussion on twitter indicated that the user had Symbola in their font prefs, so it wasn't just about font-fallback behavior in Firefox. Nevertheless, the patch here seems worth taking for general robustness, even though it won't solve the "problem" when Symbola is explicitly requested via font-family or font prefs.

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Synthesize a space for U+3000 in preference to relying on font fallback. r=heycam
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