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Make it possible to disable performance tuning in Raptor Android tests


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This bug is for making it possible to disable the raptor android performance tuning by passing in a flag like --disable-perf-tuning.

I constantly comment out this line of code because it takes a lot of time on the Moto G5 and it would be nice if I could just pass a command line flag to do this:

Hello sparky :)
Should I make android environment for solving this issue? [0]
I'm having difficulty to making android environment. So, I need a little time.

I checked right connection status through adb devices command and ran command
./mach raptor --test raptor-speedometer --app=geckoview --binary="org.mozilla.geckoview_example"
to run test.

But, An error has occurred.
03:37:13 ERROR - File "/home/mj/work/mozilla/mozilla-central/testing/mozbase/mozdevice/mozdevice/", line 207, in __init__ 03:37:13 ERROR - raise ADBError('%s: %s is not executable.' % (exc, adb)) 03:37:13 ERROR - ADBError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: adb is not executable.

GeckoView Eample was installed on my android phone but connection failed for running raptor.
Can I get some advice for the connection?

And, The document contains the following:
Next, make sure your Android device is ready to go. Local Android-device prerequisites are: Device is rooted
Is this where I need?
There is a link, but I have a permission[1].

Let me know if there's anything else I need to know more.
If I don't go well, I'll try to install it again.

[0] Running on the Android GeckoView Example App part


This is wrong information.
There is a link, but I have a permission[1].
I didn't get permission.

Hi Myeongjun, I changed the permissions so you should be able to access it now. I think the error you are hitting is because you don't have adb installed on your machine or you don't have su enabled:

For this bug, if you don't want to root your phone, don't worry about it - you can solve it without testing on the android devices directly (running a desktop test will be enough). I can test it out on the a phone for you once you make a patch.

Thanks sparky :)
When I looked at your comment and docs, I noticed that I lack su permissions on android.
If I do rooted on android, my phone will be factory reset. Due to the risk, if there are more Android related developments later, I'll buy a test phone.
I'll just proceed.

Could I ask you one more question?
For example, does the user type it like this way?
./mach raptor --test raptor-tp6-google-firefox --browsertime --disable-perf-tuning
(I would assume that it is a command for Android, which is now a desktop command.)
So, I'll make a branch according to Flag.

No problem, you can ask as many questions as you need to :)

Yes, the user would use the command you mentioned. It's possible for them to also use the same command but without the --browsertime which is the web-extension variant of our performance testing tool.

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