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add ftp to permitted protocol handlers


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Once ftp is removed, we could add it to the protocol handlers. This could potentially allow an addon to mitigate the loss of native ftp support.

Philipp, what do you think about this?

We're thinking of adding ftp to this now, but ignoring it until a version of firefox that has removed the ability to turn on ftp.

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Redirecting product question in comment 1 from Philipp to Jorge.

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Sounds good to me.

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Marking this as a good-first-bug. To get started, see

As a first step, we should support protocol_handlers in the schema:

If the network.ftp.enabled pref is false, then the implementation should allow extensions to register the extension. Otherwise the protocol should be ignored. The implementation of the protocol_handlers API is at

The patch should also include a unit test to verify that the change works as expected. Search for protocol_handlers in Searchfox to find existing examples.

Mentor: rob
Keywords: good-first-bug

Hello, can I work this issue for my Outreachy application?

(In reply to xu from comment #5)

Hello, can I work this issue for my Outreachy application?

Yes. We have already chatted on Matrix. The bug will automatically be assigned to you once you attach a patch.

Sorry, given that we needed this right now I took it.

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Closed: 2 years ago
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