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Initialize FOG with data path from preference


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In order to test during development (and also make sure our code is actually called) I propose to add a new preference telemetry.fog.data_path that, if set, is read and used as the Glean data path.

FOG is still gated behind nightly, so only if nightly is used and that preference is flipped manually you get a Glean.

This avoids us doing a full integration into the Firefox lifecycle for now, while still allowing manual testing during development.

Bike-shedding on the pref name?

Flags: needinfo?(chutten)

I'd like something longer like telemetry.fog.temporary_and_just_for_testing.data_path to make sure we remember to remove it as soon as it outlives its usefulness (and to ensure no one else tries to use it for anything)

Flags: needinfo?(chutten)

The preference in use is: telemetry.fog.temporary_and_just_for_testing.data_path

Reasons to do it during early init:

  • We control that code path
  • It's late enough so that we have access to the preference store
  • It's early enough that it might resemble the actual later use case

All of this is currently done in C++ and then passed in.
Eventually we might want to do that in Rust, but the services are not
yet exposed to Rust, so we opt for the short way of passing in data.

Depends on D69366

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Initialize FOG during early init with path from preference. r=chutten
Set app version, build id and channel correctly for FOG. r=chutten
Determine os version and architecture at runtime for FOG. r=chutten
Blocks: 1624823
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