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Style tail suggestions differently


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Firefox 78
78.1 - May 4 - May 17
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Tail suggestions are slightly different from common ones, we may want to style them differently.

Additionally some search suggestions start with an = to indicate they are result of an operation, others may be results of a conversion (currency or unit of measure). The latter may not currently be available to Firefox as a tail suggestion.

We would like to style these results differently to indicate they are special.

Summary: Style "answer" suggestions differently → Style tail suggestions differently
Depends on: 1626897

For tail suggestions in particular (very long ones), it's suggested we show them as

[ what time is it in I                      ]
|                   …Italy                  |
|                   …Illinois               |
Type: enhancement → task

Engineering spoke to UX and we're going to do exactly what Marco suggests in comment 1.

Keywords: blocked-ux
See Also: → 1636696

Bumping the points on this since this matching won't always be as easy as the illustration in comment 1. The screenshot in bug 1636696 shows that words in the tail can change, which will require some new string matching behaviour.

I'm going to approach this by rendering the unseen part of the suggestion and then hiding it. Another approach is to measure the length of the unseen part of the string and then offsetting, but that would require waiting for document flush and we don't want to take that performance hit.

Assignee: nobody → htwyford
Iteration: --- → 78.1 - May 4 - May 17
Points: 2 → 3

Some intriguing tail suggestion cases and how Chrome lines them up:

london sights in l

hobbit holes for sale in o
       hole for sale in oregon

hobbit hes for sle in o
       homes for sale in ontario

hobbit hes for sle in om
       homes for sale in omaugh ontario

hobbit hes for sle in hom
       homes for sale in homes for sale
Depends on: 1637043

Depends on D74739

Blocks: 1638332
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Style tail suggestions differently. r=mak
Pushed by
Style tail suggestions differently. r=mak
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 78
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Depends on: 1640185
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