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testing/web-platform/tests/mixed-content/gen/sharedworker-module.http-rp/ are all timed out/failing - need to be fixed


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these tests are all marked as TIMEDOUT unconditionally:

you can browse via searchfox:

I am not sure why these are failing- is it possible we need a pref to make this work? Is it possible we don't support this? these 6 tests timing out on all configs adds up to a lot of wasted time.

:ckerschb - are you familiar with these tests and can help figure out what is going on? Maybe you know someone else to redirect to?

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Just confirmed with baku - we are not supporting modules within workers, hence we can disable those tests.

Flags: needinfo?(ckerschb)

To be clear there are two kinds of "not supporting": not-implementing for cases where we expect that gecko will never implement a given feature, usually because we've marked it as standards-position: harmful and don't foresee having to adjust that, and backlog which are things we don't currently support and have no immediate plans to work on but might be put on the roadmap at some point in the future (or rushed onto the roadmap if they cause webcompat issues, or unexpectedly be patched by contributors who aren't following the roadmap). Can we clarify here and in Bug 1632086 whether these are things we never plan to support or things that we eventually expect to support? If it's the latter we should mark them as implementation-status: backlog (and if it's actually just "we don't support them right now but will work on that in the near future we shouldn't change the implementation-status metadata at all and just accept the timeout for now).

Duplicate of this bug: 1632119

marking these as backlog after chatting with :baku on Riot. This will apply towards:

there are other tests in those directories that are [shared]worker-classic* which are expected fail, maybe those fall into the same backlog category, but I don't see those are related to worker module implementation.

mark worker module tests to run as backlog (tier-2)

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mark worker module tests to run as backlog (tier-2). r=ckerschb
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