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Explore using personalized search suggestions


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Google offers personalized search suggestions for users who have Google search history. We should explore ways to use personalized suggestions in Firefox for users who use Google search history in other contexts. This is analogous to bug 1398416 and bug 1626946, where we're interested in using local Firefox history to improve search suggestions.

There are at least a few parts to this:

  • A personalized search suggestions endpoint from Google
  • A way for us to tell whether we should fetch personalized suggestions for the user (e.g., whether the user has enabled Google search history)
  • Augment SearchSuggestionController to return personalized suggestions when appropriate, or maybe make a new module

I'm filing this in Address Bar because that's the team who will work on this, even though it probably belongs in Search. If anyone would like to move it, feel free.

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(In reply to Drew Willcoxon :adw from comment #0)

  • A personalized search suggestions endpoint from Google

Is this a requirement, or should we just send cookies to the common endpoint?

I don't know, I thought I heard someone mention that but maybe not! So maybe that bullet point should be: Figure out what we need from Google. It could incorporate the second point too. These three points aren't hard and fast rules, I just jotted down a few things that it seemed like we need.

It's about sending the logged-in state session cookie along with the request. In other words; this is not so much a technical issue - even though we should check which cookie to use, roughly how we'd best implement that (do we need something from the Search Service?) - but more a policy, privacy, security & trust issue that needs to be addressed first.
Not to mention that there's likely going to be an opt-in/out toggle required in about:preferences, which requires UX cycles.

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