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add support for "origins" and "excludeOrigins" parameters for chrome.browsingData.remove


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Currently Firefox doesn't support "origins" or "excludeOrigins" parameters for WebExtension API chrome.browsingData.remove

"hostnames" supports only cookies and local storage (but not for example IndexedDB).

Expected results:

Please add support for those parameters so that they behave similarly as in Chrome:

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I am not sure if we should align our API here, but "origins" is IMO actually the better terminology.

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Currently the API is much more powerful and useful on Chrome. It's not just about naming the parameter but the actual functionality as well (see the Chrome docs). Is there any good reason not to provide similar functionality on Firefox?

Keywords: parity-chrome
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The API syntax in Chrome/Chromium is especially useful for a scenario where an Adblocker Extension tries to provide an allowlist-based concept, and only the manually confirmed domains are trustworthy - whereas all other domains and their browsing data that could be used for tracking should be removed from the cache (this includes indexedDB, WebSQL database, cookies, service worker data, filesystem API data, etc).

Without the implementation of the "excludeOrigins"-like API, there's no way to provide this information, as the Browser Extension would have to correlate all requests ever done, and store its own database for that.

What's the state on this feature as of now?

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