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Fix/enable ESLint react/prop-types


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(Reporter: camd, Assigned: bolah2009)



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We should fix the violations and enable this rule.

I would like to work on it if that's okay.

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Bola-- So sorry I had such a slow response to you on this! Yes, please work on this. That would be very much appreciated! :)

Assignee: nobody → bola_ahmed2002
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Priority: -- → P3

Thanks, Cameron, I already started working on it pending your response.
However, the errors are many (500+) and span various files. Is it okay to open a single PR for this?

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The list of files (31) that have been modified so far with 300+ errors left:

  • ui/intermittent-failures/GraphAlternateView.jsx
  • ui/job-view/CustomJobActions.jsx
  • ui/job-view/KeyboardShortcuts.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/BugFiler.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/DetailsPanel.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/PinBoard.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/summary/ActionBar.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/summary/ClassificationsPanel.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/summary/LogItem.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/summary/StatusPanel.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/summary/SummaryPanel.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/tabs/AnnotationsTab.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/tabs/SimilarJobsTab.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/tabs/TabsPanel.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/tabs/failureSummary/BugListItem.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/tabs/failureSummary/FailureSummaryTab.jsx
  • ui/job-view/details/tabs/failureSummary/SuggestionsListItem.jsx
  • ui/job-view/headerbars/ActiveFilters.jsx
  • ui/job-view/headerbars/FiltersMenu.jsx
  • ui/job-view/headerbars/SecondaryNavBar.jsx
  • ui/job-view/headerbars/TierIndicator.jsx
  • ui/job-view/headerbars/TiersMenu.jsx
  • ui/job-view/pushes/JobButton.jsx
  • ui/job-view/pushes/JobGroup.jsx
  • ui/job-view/pushes/Platform.jsx
  • ui/job-view/pushes/Push.jsx
  • ui/job-view/pushes/PushHeader.jsx
  • ui/job-view/pushes/PushLoadErrors.jsx
  • ui/shared/JobInfo.jsx
  • ui/shared/Revision.jsx
  • ui/shared/RevisionList.jsx

Wow, that IS a lot. :) One PR will be fine, yes. It's a lot, true. But that's ok. Please either assign me to the PR when ready, or need-info me here again and I'll review it. Thanks!!

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I opened a PR for this.
I couldn't assign you to the PR, so am using the need-info as an alternative. Thanks!

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Requested some changes in my review

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