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Add some try/CI jobs for Win7 + WebRender


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It seems that we don't have any configured CI/try jobs for Windows 7 + WebRender.

We should add some, before enabling Win7 on nightly.

It would also give us some good coverage of Windows + no-DirectComposition code path.

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Kats, do you know what's needed to get off by default win7 CI?

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Yeah, if a test suite is restricted to the "try" project, that will prevent it from running on autoland/m-c but will still be runnable on try. An example can be seen here. We might want to further restrict it so that it doesn't show up in ./mach try fuzzy by default, but would require running ./mach try fuzzy --full for it to show up in the list. That will prevent people from accidentally include win7-qr jobs in their try pushes by using too-loose fuzzy queries. I'm not sure offhand how to do that but :ahal can probably tell us.

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Any task that doesn't run on mozilla-central will automatically need --full in |mach try fuzzy|, no extra work required. Otherwise if the task does run on central but you'd still like to require --full you can add a regex that matches your tasks here:

I like to only use the latter sparingly though as it can cause developers to be backed out over things they couldn't reasonably be expected to run on try.

p.s, as I was digging into this code, I noticed a recent regression that will actually make this blacklist not work with |mach try fuzzy|. Am fixing it now.

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@Andrew: Would you be able to add this?

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Sure! So just to clarify, you want all existing Windows 7 tasks to also run with -qr on try?

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@Kats: Do we need all Win7 tasks to run with Webrender or just a subset?

Thanks Andrew!

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I think if we get the same tasks that we're currently running with windows10-64-qr that should be good for now. Those are expected to be green; other suites may not be. is the set of jobs.

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(I'll also note that windows10-64-qr/opt runs some talos and other perf tests that we can probably skip for win7, for now at least).

Sorry this slipped, will take a look today.

These tasks can only be selected on try by passing --full to |mach try fuzzy|
or |mach try chooser|. E.g:

$ ./mach try fuzzy --full -q "'windows7-32-qr"
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Add some try-only windows7-32-qr test tasks, r=jmaher
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