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web-platform-tests/tests/offscreen-canvas/* are all marked unconditionally as fail


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firefox77 --- fixed


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I stumbled across the offscreencanvas tests while investigating other wpt related failures. What I see is that of the 1500+ tests we have they all fail. I verified this locally on my win10 laptop, and spot checking a few individual tests, I see in the webpage as an error:
OffscreenCanvas is not defined

I see references to OffscreenCanvas in our code, but I am not sure if that is the same reference as the wpt spec.

I would like to know if this is:

  1. supported (and we need to fix the tests)
  2. not [fully] supported, but on a roadmap in the next year (run the tests as 'backlog' on m-c only)
  3. no plans to support this (stop running the tests altogether)

:lsalzman, could you help answer (or redirect to someone who could answer) the question in comment 0?

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according to bug 1390089, this is in progress and planned for 2020- given that these tests would make sense as 'backlog' - I will wait for confirmation before assuming that and changing things.

another test which fails for the same reason:

Jessie, do we know who is actually in charge of OffscreenCanvas these days? I am unsure...

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Yup. It is currently not supported, but we'd like to finish off the implementation in H2 - just NIing Joel to see my reply here.

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thanks, I will mark this as a "backlog" so we keep running the tests a few times/day. Will be great to see this implemented

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mark offscreen-canvas tests as backfill (tier-2).

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mark offscreen-canvas tests as backlog (tier-2). r=jgraham
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