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Replace Chromium based Edge icon with new one


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With the switch to Chromium Edge also got a new logo. That one should be used to indicate new versions of the browser, also to separate them from the EdgeHTML versions.

I've attached one version I took from the Microsoft website.


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I think it's important to update this icon before we release the panel, using old IE might be confusing (esp considering people have been requesting compat data about old IE)

Hi Victoria,

I'm looking for a simplified version of the new Edge icon which we could use in the compatibility panel. I found some online (eg but we would still have to get an approval for the license.

By any chance do we have any Edge icon available? Otherwise do you advise to create one from scratch?

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I'll ask the Edge team internally, and report back here if we have something official that can be used.

I attached what we have available right now. Our icon SVG file is full color only. So PNG is all we have at the moment for monochrome. Let me know if that's ok.

Thanks for the help Patrick! We need to change the logo's color based on the theme. So having a SVG with context-fill is probably a must here.

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The SVG was created from scratch, so no issue with licensing hopefully

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