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Merge Message panel with the Response panel


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Firefox 79
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The list of WS frames for (WS connection) and list of events (for SSE connections) should be displayed directly in the Response panel

  • Better discoverability since the user doesn't have to search for yet another side panel.


Assignee: nobody → farooqbckk
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Rename MessagesPanel to MessagesView. r=Honza,bomsy
Merge Message panel with the Response panel. r=Honza,bomsy
Refactor response panel styles into separate file. r=Honza,bomsy

The Messages panel is now merged with the Response panel. This means that WS messages (frames) as well as SSE events are now displayed in the Response panel. This is to reduce number of side panels and make the UI simpler.

This page should be updated
(not sure if there is any other page that needs update)


Blocks: 1646983
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 79

Updated screenshots and descriptions in Inspecting web sockets. Also deleted section for Messages tab, and merged its content into Response tab section of the Request Details article.

There is one more screenshot that needs to be updated, see here:

There is no Messages side panel anymore, all is displayed in the Response side panel

Here is a test case that can be used to generated screenshots:


I've updated the outdated sections of, and added the new protocol support.

This seems less intuitive to me. We now have both requests and responses for the WebSocket on the "Responses" tab. This leads to the confusing user scenario where they have an empty "Requests" panel when the user might be searching for the requests (outgoing websocket messages).

One of the original arguments for this was "Better discoverability since the user doesn't have to search for yet another side panel." But this change effectively introduces two panels (one of which is blank!) in place of one panel 'Messages'.

It feels like this change was not well thought through.

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