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cleanup nsScriptableDateFormat::FormatDateTime


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code issue, QA to for now.
Keywords: intl
QA Contact: ruixu → yokoyama
Attached patch cleanup (obsolete) — Splinter Review
function params are aParam
local variables are just variable
prefer nsnull over NULL (if someone wants i'll switch to 0)
flatten function
use nsCOMPtrs instead of manual NS_RELEASE
check variables instead of rv in most cases (if someone feels that it's
important to pass out the true rvs instead of ERROR_UNVALIABLE, I can)
?: when the output is a side effect => if/else
c++ doesn't require 'struct' to be sprinkled everywhere
Mozilla 1.2.1 (under Windows NT 4 SP6a) consistantly fails to post a form
correctly in some way related to ODBC and datetime. If via ODBC a webserver
fails to use a flawed Mozilla datetime format, that may be the reason for the
below message.

The only reason I am posting this is that Bugzilla didn't find this bug when
I searched for ODBC, and it isn't clear to me this bug could cause a form
failure (since I as a user didn't send time to the server). 

I suppose the main question is whether this posting should be done as a new bug
or as a comment on this bug.

With Windows NT 4 SP6a, Mozilla 1.2.1

Clicked to report a failure of streaming. 

This brings up a popup titled "Streaming Support" with the following content:
OS: Windows NT
Browser: Netscape
Language: English (United States)
Current Time: Fri Jan 17 2003 10:18:26 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard Time)

Fields entered were probably unrelated to the error. They were:
my name
(station listening to) Fish High
(connection type) DSL/LAN
(problem) Cannot Connect
(describe) "Form test with Mark Dixon"
(contact further?) yes
Then clicked SEND

Message popup was:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e07'

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Error converting data type
varchar to datetime.

/feedback/includes_server/functions.asp, line 35

I did receive a followup from Mark Dixon []. 
I've responded that the issue seems to be in Mozilla and he is at 
least on notice someone may contact him from Mozilla.
Not sure if this relates to anyone else's findings, but in an ASP page if you
use the function FormatDateTime, the browser reports an error.  The exact error
is as follows:

Microsoft VBScript runtime error: Invalid procedure call or argument:

This works fine in IE and I'm not sure why this does not work for Mozilla.
Severity: normal → enhancement
OS: Windows 2000 → All
Hardware: PC → All
Blocks: osxtime
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I'm not going to be able to get to this for at least a week.
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cleanup resurrected

thanks. one fewer file to clean up in intl/locale :-)
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cleanup resurrected

looks okay
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mozilla/intl/locale/src/nsScriptableDateFormat.cpp 	1.23
Closed: 20 years ago
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