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Reader mode URLs (especially "switch to tab") should be deduplicated and replaced by "Title - URL" for the address bar, like normal pages


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Steps to reproduce:

Start typing into the addressbar for words present in the title or URLs of pages I previously visited

Actual results:

I get a TON of noise from "about:reader?" instead of getting cleanly shown results like regular pages. See the attached screenshot for a "simple" example, but I typically get a screenful of those unreadable "about:reader" URLs for everything I type.

Expected results:

At the very least (maybe as a first-step intermediate fix), the URLs should be decoded/unescaped, so that they don't have all this %3A %2F %20 gibberish in them.

Next, it should show the title, to be consistent with the rest of suggestions in the addressbar. Indeed, every other result that comes from either bookmarks or history is presented as "Title - human-readable URL - action" whereas this is currently presented as "garbled URL - action". So I would like it to display the title and cleaned URL (as above) so that I my eyes can easily skim it.

Third, ideally Firefox should detect if those match a bookmark for the corresponding page, and if so present only a single/entry for this in the addressbar's dropdown, instead of both the bookmark and the reader URL variant.

Maybe the new megabar/awesomebar code could be an opportunity to clean up that particular thorn in the otherwise pleasant user experience?

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Another screenshot to illustrate the duplication problem...

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Yes, this seems annoying, I actually think this is is only for switch to tab though, I don't think we show about:reader urls for other entries.

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