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Recompute Backdrop-Filters Enabled State Whenever UseWebRender is Modified


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[1635584] added logic to recompute backdrop-filter's enabled state in some places where UseWebRender is set.

This is not good for several reasons:

  1. These functions are tightly coupled together and should really exist within the same function call.

  2. It would be easy to accidentally miss a place where one is called, but not the other.

  3. Anyone adding a new call to SetUseWebRender() would have to magically know to recompute backdrop-filter's state.

  4. Adding a call to RecomputeBackdropFilterEnabledState() after every use of SetUseWebRender() would be wasteful, because we really only want to recompute if the value changed.

Having this functionality separated just feels like a defect waiting to happen (if you don't already consider it a defect itself).

This patch modifies the macros that generate the gfxVars such that SetUseWebRender can have a custom setter that only recomputes backdrop-filter's state if its UseWebRender's value changes.

  • Modify the gfxVars generation macros to allow custom setters.
    • Remove previous manual calls to recompute backdrop filter.
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Recompute backdrop-filter only when WebRender changes r=jrmuizel
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