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de-xpcom import/exporters


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The current import/exporters are xpcom components with a category registration. We can get rid of this construct and replace it with something more simple, like this:

var icsimexporter = {
  fileTypes: [
      extensions: ["ics"],
      description: cal.l10n.getCalString("filterIcs", ["*.ics"]),

  importItems(aStream) {
    let parser = Cc[";1"].createInstance(Ci.calIIcsParser);
    parser.parseFromStream(aStream, null);
    return parser.getItems();

  exportItems(aItems, aFileType, aTitle) {
    let serializer = Cc[";1"].createInstance(

    let encoder = new TextEncoder();
    return encoder.encode(serializer.serializeToString());

Attached patch is work in progress, file locations aren't final and I haven't tested it one bit. calendar/base/content/import-export.js is better viewed as a whole since there were a lot of changes.

Paul, could you give this a quick look and see if I'm going in the right direction? I'm not too happy about the actual service because it seems like a shell that doesn't really do a lot, but there needs to be something to replace the category service usage.

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WiP - v1

Review of attachment 9149650 [details] [diff] [review]:

This looks quite good overall to me!  Will be a nice improvement, less XPCOM and ability to use OS.File, TextEncoder, etc.  Apologies for the delay on the feedback.  The patch no longer applies cleanly due to changes to import-export.js for the new import dialog (bug 1631902).
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