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Convert 'mach telemetry-tests-client' to run with Python 3


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mach telemetry-tests-client still runs with python 2 [1]. We want to convert all mach commands to python 3.

To do this, any dependencies of the command may need to be converted as well as the command itself.


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We're blocked on Python 3 support in marionette driver.

Once lands, this will be the last command to be converted :).

I took a stab at converting it, but the tests hit timeouts under Python 3 (with no obvious errors reported). Raphael, do you think you'll have a chance to look into this sometime soon? Are the timeouts what you were talking about in comment 1? And if so, who would be best to fix marionette driver? Thanks!

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I am currently testing D108834 locally. When I run ./mach telemetry-tests-client the imports seem to be resolved just fine, but the browser hangs and the test suite eventually fails with the following error:

IOError: Process killed after 120s because no connection to Marionette server could be established. Check gecko.log for errors

The gecko.log file contains the following lines, which I can't seem to find on a recent central checkout:

1616075482644	Marionette	INFO	Listening on port 2828
1616075482682	Toolkit.Telemetry	TRACE	TelemetryController::observe - app-startup notified.
JavaScript error: chrome://marionette/content/driver.js, line 136: NS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND:

I rebased patch D108834 locally to a recent a central checkout and all 9 tests passed via python2 ./mach telemetry-tests-client.

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Bug 1638991 - [ci] Run telemetry-tests-client tests with Python 3, r?raphael

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Clearing the ni request here since we're discussing on the Phabricator patches.

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[telemetry-tests-client] Ensure wptserve logs are included in our logger, r=raphael
[telemetry-tests-client] Green up the tests on Python 3, r=raphael
[mach] Run ./mach telemetry-tests-client with Python 3, r=raphael
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WIP: Bug 1638991 - [telemetry-tests-client] Don't use relative imports in telemetry_harness. CLOSED TREE
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