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Convert 'mach test' to run with Python 3


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mach test still runs with python 2 [1]. We want to convert all mach commands to python 3.

To do this, any dependencies of the command may need to be converted as well as the command itself.


Severity: -- → S3
Priority: -- → P3
Blocks: testing-py3

Hi, I would love to work on this issue, but I am very new to Mozilla's codebase, and this will be my first contribution. Any help or guidance will be much appreciated!...

Hi Ankush, this bug is not a good one to pick because it depends on all other testing commands being converted first. Sorry, this is not captured well in the bugs dependencies. Perhaps try another bug that is blocking the meta bug.

Thank you for your reply, Andrew, Unfortunately, I am still learning to navigate the Bugzilla interface and could not find any bug that is blocking the meta bug(may be not looking correctly). Could you please in your own time point me to a bug that is I can work on? I would really appreciate your guidance/help

Hey Ankush, no worries!

When looking at the meta bug, bugs that it "Depends on" are said to block it (the wording is a bit confusing :)). So look a the bug links in the "Depends on" field. You can also use the tree view:

Note that now wpt is Py 3-only this is breaking people who are trying to use wpt tests with mach test. I know there's ongoing work to move suites over in general, but given that all the major suite are now using Python 3 under mach it might make sense to prioritise this.

The original plan was to:

  1. Support Py2 and Py3 in all harnesses
  2. Switch |mach test|
  3. Drop support for Py2 in the test harnesses

The only remaining test suite that isn't Py3 compatible is telemetry-tests-client. I'm not even sure that mach test can run this suite... Either way, now that WPT has dropped Py2 there's no reason to block this any longer (as it's just a tad more popular than t-t-c). This is already in our current sprint and someone should be picking it up soon.

Assignee: nobody → ahal

I got curious and did a bit of testing... looks like it's already ready to go.

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Run ./mach test with Python 3, r=releng-reviewers,jmaher
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